Why I Was Embarrassed to Admit I Worked in Timeshare

When I first started selling vacations, I wasn’t completely open with my friends and family about my new career path due to the stigma of timeshares. In fact, I was a bit embarrassed. If someone asked me what I did for a living, I would give a convoluted answer involving something about selling condos and real estate.

Now, eight years later, when someone asks me what I do for a living, my answer is simple and honest: I change peoples’ lives for the better by selling timeshare with Wyndham Destinations.

I remember when I first started to see that I was actually making a positive impact on people’s lives. It was near the end of my first year with Wyndham Destinations when clients who bought from me came back from their trips with photos and stories to share about their experiences. Several thanked me for giving them the extra nudge they needed to say “yes” to more vacations and more time spent having fun together.


One of my favorite stories is of a young couple whom I set up for a vacation in San Antonio, Texas. It was their first time staying at a Wyndham property and they got engaged there. Since then, they’ve become a family for four and have used Wyndham to travel the country. They already have so many amazing memories from their vacations together and still have more to discover thanks to their investment in timeshare.


That’s the key thing that makes selling a vacation different from selling other big items, like a car. Customers can’t drive it off the lot and feel an immediate sense of gratification from taking home a tangible item. But I know from personal experience that the joy of spending quality time with the people they love is much deeper, and that the memories of those special moments lasts forever. I’m proud to help create those opportunities by turning vacation dreams into realities.

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