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Why I Was Embarrassed to Admit I Worked in Timeshare

When I first started selling vacations, I wasn’t completely open with my friends and family about my new career path due to the stigma of timeshares. In fact, I was...

Publicado el dic 30, 2020

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Ada Ma on What it’s Like Being a Young Leader at Wyndham Destinations

One of the benefits of working at Wyndham Destinations is that we’re driven by potential. We see opportunities for growth everywhere, whether it’s putting families on vacation in a new...

Publicado por Jim Kidd el dic 27, 2020

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Wyndham Destinations Recognized for its Efforts to Support Veteran-Owned Suppliers and as a Best Employer for Veterans

Wyndham Destinations (NYSE:WYND), the world’s largest vacation ownership and exchange company, is honored to be recognized once again by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) as a Best Corporation for...

Publicado el nov 20, 2020

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Vacation Ready Champions 'Wipe it Down' Tik Tok Style

Who knew safety could be such fun? Our Vacation Ready Champions continue to be creative in showcasing how resorts are ready for our guests to vacation safely. See how our...

Publicado el nov 20, 2020

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How Our Maintenance Team Members are Living Our Vacation Ready Promise

Our Vacation Ready promise is in full force as Wyndham’s Vacation Ready Champions showcase how they are keeping our resorts and each other, safe and ready.  See how our maintenance...

Publicado el nov 2, 2020

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Wyndham Destinations Named to Forbes List of World's Best Employers

Wyndham Destinations (NYSE:WYND), the world’s largest vacation ownership and exchange company, is proud to announce it has been named as a Best Employer on the fourth-annual Forbes Magazine list of...

Publicado el oct 30, 2020

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5 Ways this Wyndham Destinations Sales Team Stayed Connected & Inspired During the COVID Shutdown

When the first Covid-related shutdowns began in March 2019, site leaders throughout Wyndham Destinations were faced with new challenges of how to support, engage, and guide their teams through unfamiliar...

Publicado el oct 9, 2020

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Wyndham Destinations Introduces Vacation Ready Champions

Across Wyndam Destinations’, associates are living and supporting our Vacation Ready promise. We’ve recently introduced Vacation Ready Champions, key team members within our resorts and sales sites who will help...

Publicado el oct 9, 2020

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How to Get Past a Screening Interview

A screening interview is often the first hurdle in an interview process. It can be administered in a variety of ways, including a phone call with live or pre-recorded questions,...

Publicado por Jim Kidd el jul 31, 2020

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4 Things to Include in an Impressive Elevator Pitch

If you’ve ever sat across from an interviewer and felt the awkwardness of wondering how to respond to the request to “tell me about yourself,” you need an elevator pitch....

Publicado por Jim Kidd el jul 3, 2020

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What 80 Percent of Managers Consider After an Interview

In today’s age of technology, everything is at our fingertips. Within seconds we have the ability to send a text, make a phone call, or respond to an email. These...

Publicado el jun 19, 2020

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5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand After Losing a Job

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to...

Publicado por Chrissy Nai el jun 12, 2020

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How to Select & Ask Someone to Be Your Mentor

“Choose your mentors based on who you want to be. Mentors can reflect where you want to go, they can create access for you, and give you guidance as you...

Publicado por Jim Kidd el may 27, 2020

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Interview Preparation: How to Be a Leading Candidate

“Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” This old British Army adage is applicable to most important events in your life, including interviewing for your next job.After conducting nearly 10,000 interviews...

Publicado por Alan Walsh el may 25, 2020

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The Best Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

After completing an interview, you may wonder, “What’s next? Do I just wait on a call or email?”The answer is, “No!”This is when you close the deal and make yourself...

Publicado por Sable Arrowood el may 12, 2020

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6 Ways Having a Mentor Can Boost Your Career

Isaac Newton famously stated, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”  It sounds like Newton had some mentors in his life,...

Publicado por Jim Kidd el may 1, 2020

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26 Ways to Connect with Community While Sheltering in Place

Sheltering in place can feel incredibly isolating, and though we know it’s important for our physical well-being, it can take a toll mentally and emotionally. We’re all looking forward to...

Publicado por Jim Kidd el abr 24, 2020

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How to Take the Stress Out of Applying for Jobs

Some people feel excited about applying for a new job because it’s fun to think about a new adventure, challenge, or promotion. But for others, especially in tough job markets...

Publicado por Chrissy Nai el abr 22, 2020

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